e-Family Dentist Package

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Preventive Dentistry Package

  • Prevent dental pain by early diagnosis of tooth, gum, and other problems
  • Valid for 6 months, allows you to consult for any problems free within 3 months.
  • Save time and money by prevention, early diagnosis & prompt management

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* e- FAMILY DENTIST is a novel concept conceived by TELEDENTOM. At e- FAMILY DENTIST, we are committed to the Optimal Oral and Dental Health care delivery to the families. This helps families not only avoid many dental complications and pain situations but also prevents systemic cause’n’effect of poor oral scores on Heart and Kidney disease, Low birth weight babies.

Rs.1000 per family member


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What our clients say

  • e-Family Dentist Package

    Dr Suma is a very experienced Dentist. I and my family have been consulting her and also taking her treatment since 2014. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a Family Dentist

    Professor Rajeev Khanna Professor Emiritus, former Head & Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. Delhi

  • Preventive Dentistry Package

    In one of my recent experiences, I had a very bad tooth ache for a couple of weeks. I consulted my family dentist @teledentom. I got easy to follow useful solution, my tooth ache was gone in a couple of days. Renowned expert oral physician Dr. Suma is a very skilled and passionate dentist who has paid great attention to all my familie’s dental needs since 2005. She is always willing to educate on basic care, prevention and provides the solution for the problem. Even staying overseas, I have my family dentist at @teledentom. I save a lot of bucks and also my time. I will definitely recommend @teledentom for efficient and awesome service!

    Supreetha Yenigabal Software Engineer, USA

  • Second Opinion Package

    Dr. Suma was my Faculty, a good teacher and an experienced Oral and Maxillofacial Diagnostician. I take her Second Opinion for diagnosis of my cases. She always helps me out with accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

    Dr. Bipasha Dental practitioner and oral diagnosis expert, West Bengal

  • e-Consult Package

    During post covid recovery I had developed ulcerations on my palate which made it extremely difficult to eat and drink, but thanks the online consultation by expert oral physician Dr. Suma @teledentom, which eased my problem and help me recover without any problem.

    Dr. Vandana Gulia Orthodontist

TELEDENTOM practice strategy is
“PASS”(Prevent-Attack- Save-Smile).


Prevent the Dental Problem by practicing prevention measures


Attack the early disease by early treatment


Save Money and Time


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